Company Administration

If you wish, LCG will undertake complete company administration of your company. The trust assignment is carried out by experienced lawyers, tax consultants or auditors, and the professional LCG back office realizes the decisions quickly and efficiently.

Full service of company administration includes:

  • Detailed and competent tax and legal advice before and after company formation
  • Domicile in the target country
  • Comprehensive office service for the company in the target country (post, telephone and fax services, etc.)
  • Trust director / trust board of directors / trust secretary
  • Opening a bank account in the target country or in third countries, including Internet banking and credit cards
  • Book-keeping, tax returns and annual reports
  • Contract documents and presentation of invoice in accordance with the governing international laws
  • VAT numbers / EU tax numbers / ID numbers
  • Preparing and holding ordinary and extraordinary general meetings / director meetings / board of director meetings
  • Changes in company articles
  • Preparing all company documents, tax certificates, power of attorney documents, etc.
  • Inspector reports / audit reports / annual reports
  • Legalisation (apostilles for company documents / certificates of registration)
  • Preparing invoices
  • Introduction to first-class banks worldwide
  • Opening company and personal accounts
  • Bank account management
  • Audit reports
  • Financial statements
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