Office Real Estate

LCG offers their customers in Luxembourg, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland modern, fully equipped and ready for occupancy office space with or without accompanying services.


  • Local business presence
  • Modern offices at a prime location equipped with the newest technology
  • All services customized to fit your individual needs
  • Reduction in costs due to temporary leasing of office space and a possible 100% utilization of the office work stations as a result of sharing by several employees
  • Qualified administrative office staffed with dependable, dedicated office personnel
  • Front desk and reception services
  • Fully equipped video conference and meeting rooms
  • High quality telephone system, printer, scanner, copier, fax machine, high speed internet access and local network available
  • Around-the-clock availability of the office space
  • Modern and conveniently furnished common areas
  • Dependable security system
  • Daily office cleaning


Virtual Office

  • Prestigious business addresses and a telephone number at your office location
  • Your company name and logo listed in the lobby of the building
  • Receipt and forwarding of your correspondence and fax messages
  • Personal telephone answering, transfer of calls to your main number, voicemail box around-the-clock
  • Access to ready for occupancy offices and conference rooms in Luxemburg and Switzerland
  • Demand-driven administrative and technical support

Part-time Office

  • Unlimited use of the advantages provided by our administration and IT service team
  • Payment required only for actual office time utilized

Shared Office (Cubes)

  • A cost-effective solution for employees, who respectively require an intermittent individual work station

Hot Desking

  • Standardized office work stations for several employees
  • Efficient use of office work stations according to the rotation principle
  • Cost reduction per employee by means of the shared use of work stations

Team Room

  • Space furnished to meet your particular needs
  • Problem solver exchange of information within one working group
  • Ideal for individual departments or teams composed of five or more employees

Startup Office

  • Top class work stations
  • Transfer of all organizational and office tasks to our administrative and IT staff
  • Ideal for young entrepreneurs, who need to concentrate on expanding their businesses during the initial phases of the start-up

Project Office

  • Effective project work in a professional environment
  • Expansion and reduction possible during the course of the project depending upon specific needs
  • Fully equipped meeting and video conference rooms are available

Branch Office

  • Proximity to customers and suppliers in the local market
  • Standardized and fully supported IT infrastructure
  • Smooth connection to the company’s head office

Full-time Office

  • Individual or team offices
  • Attractive and professionally equipped office space with or without administrative office support
  • Guaranteed conformance with your business requirements

Prices upon request.

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